World literature book college station jobs

Gray, Room Back to top. WLC is committed to creating a dynamic intellectual community of faculty and students dedicated to the study of language and culture, literature, linguistics, teaching, and translation.

world literature book college station jobs

Our faculty work with students from departments and programs across the university helping them develop translingual and transcultural fluency necessary for their professional engagement with local, national, and international communities. We foster a learning environment that encourages the acquisition of language in tandem with the development of social and cultural awareness.

Students have the opportunity to work with diverse and multilingual faculty who are experts in critical language pedagogy, linguistics, translation, and literature, as well as a wide range of theoretical and critical approaches as they relate to studies of culture, colonialism, race and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, migration, and human rights, among other areas. BA Arabic Studies. Minor Arabic Language. BA French Studies.

Minor French Language. Undergraduate Certificate Translation: French. BA German Studies. Minor German Language. Undergraduate Certificate Translation: German. BA Russian Studies. Minor Russian Language. Undergraduate Certificate Translation: Russian.

BA Spanish Studies. Minor Spanish Language. Undergraduate Translation Certificate: Spanish. Chinese Language. Japanese Language. Many areas of business, industry, and government service consider a language background a career must. Recent graduates of the department have been employed in a variety of fields including translation, education, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Here are just a few examples of what recent WLC graduates are doing:. Read More. To declare a major or minor in WLC, find course equivalencies for study abroad, or get help planning a program of study, please see:. Make an Appointment.

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Sign up for the Headlines Newsletter and receive up to date information. Click here to manage all Newsletters.Intensive study of and practice in writing processes, from invention and researching to drafting, revising and editing, both individually and corroboratively; emphasis on effective rhetorical choices including audience, purpose, arrangement and style; focus on writing the academic essay as a vehicle for learning, communicating and critical analysis.

Focus on referential and persuasive researched essays through the development of analytical reading ability, critical thinking and library research skills; for freshman and sophomore students only; also taught at Galveston and Qatar campuses.

Introduction to the methods and approaches of the health humanities; exposure to key scholarship in this field as well as major methods and approaches; application of such skills to the analysis of cultural case studies such as illness narratives or contemporary debates in scientific bioethics. Texts from various periods and locations and in various genres and media that focus on the relationship of human beings to the rest of the natural world; topics vary from each section.

Introduction to the writings of African Americans from the 18th century to the present, emphasizing the major themes and traditions; ENGL also taught at Galveston campus. Works, literary movements and genres of authors of African descent in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

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Exploration of the literary and cultural forms of the twenty-first century, focusing on a variety of national and transnational origins. Introduction to methodology, scope and practice of digital humanities; overview of digital research culture; evaluation of digital media as tools for thinking. Nature of human language and of linguistics; includes an introduction to phonology, syntax, semantics and morphology and the role of spoken and written discourse in sustaining societal arrangements.

Focus on writing for professional settings; correspondence and researched reports fundamental to the technical and business workplace—memoranda, business letters, research proposals and presentations, use of graphical and document design; emphasis on audience awareness, clarity of communication and collaborative team-work; also taught at Galveston and Qatar campuses.

Introduction to history, influence and major ideas of Cultural Studies; use of culture as a means to critique social problems and understand social forces; analysis of culture in its relationship to power; participation in project investigating contemporary U.

Exploration of selected works of Shakespeare; also taught at Galveston campus. Imaginative literature in conversation with aesthetic principles and such other arts as painting, sculpture, architecture, film and music; also taught at Qatar campus. Survey of world literature from the ancient world through the sixteenth century in relation to its historical and cultural contexts; texts selected from a diverse group of authors, traditions and genres.

Survey of world literature from the seventeenth century to the present in relation to its historical and cultural contexts; texts selected from a diverse group of authors, traditions and genres.

Representative writers, genres and movements of the period. Expressions of the American experience in realism, regionalism and naturalism; varieties of modernist and contemporary writing; the rise of ethnic literature and experimental literary forms.

Literature of England from Anglo-Saxon times through the 18th century. Literary works from the late 18th century to the 21st century by authors in Great Britain and its colonies. Initiation into the craft of creative writing in prose and poetry; extensive reading in the genres; peer workshops.

Focuses on the writing of advanced academic and professional prose by integrating computer technology in the analysis and production of that prose. Introduction to Cultural Studies and Popular Cultural. An introduction to the history, theories and methods of contemporary cultural studies. The course will explore key concepts in cultural theory to examine specific aspects of popular culture as well as cultural sites and practices so as to expand upon the analytical and critical thinking skills learned in ENGL and Readings selected for specific need of major or minor in English.

Selected topics in an identified area of English. May be repeated for credit. Research conducted under the direction of faculty member in English. Prerequisites: 3 hours of level literature; freshman or sophomore classification and approval of instructor. Introduction to methodology, scope and practice of literature and medicine studies; analysis of autobiographies, novels and poetry dealing with health and illness; evaluation of sources from different disciplinary perspectives as a tool for critical thinking.

world literature book college station jobs

A writing intensive exploration of the methodologies and major topics of English studies. May be taken three times for credit. Prerequisite: Junior or senior classification or approval of instructor. Examination of Texas literature, culture and multi-media; exploration of the development of Texas identities and responses to the rich cultural diversity within the state; topics vary from each section.

Prerequisite: Junior or senior classification. Examination of texts written in English that de-center the nation-state as the central way to organize cultural comparison; includes colonialism, economics, empire, globalization, migration, race and refugees.

Affordable Foreign Language Degrees

Prerequisites: 3 credits of literature at level or above; junior or senior classification or approval of instructor. History of literary thought from antiquity to the present, including writers such as Plato, Aristotle, "Longinus," Sidney, Shelley, and Dryden; analysis of genres such as tragedy, lyric, and film; critical approaches such as new criticism, structuralism, deconstruction, Marxism, feminism, new historicism, and film studies. Prerequisite: 3 credits of literature at level or above.Scroll down to see the most affordable foreign language degrees, as well as info on the different types of foreign language degrees and foreign language program accreditation.

Want to see the top online colleges for Foreign Language? View them here. Also on this page:.

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Foreign language graduates end up in exciting places. They work as art dealers and event planners, university professors and investment analysts, CIA agents and diplomats. Language students may have to fight harder for jobs than peers with professional degrees, but with firm goals, strong grades, and a commitment to gaining work experience, they are invariably successful.

We cover everything from degree options to career opportunities to the importance of regional accreditation and what kinds of qualifications are available for interpreters and translators.

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Students in these programs can choose to concentrate on Chinese, Japanese, or East Asian cultural studies. Beginning and advanced language programs as well as minors are available in Russian, Portuguese, and Italian.

Throughout the year, foreign language students at the University of Minnesota-Duluth gather off-campus for relaxing evening discussions with faculty members in their selected language.

Study abroad is encouraged, with students able to enroll at UM-Duluth tuition free while attending study abroad courses and summer programs organized by the school.

A minor in Deaf Studies, with proficiency in American Sign Language, is offered through the Department of Education though students from all programs are welcome to enroll. All programs offer an interdisciplinary curriculum, with an emphasis on literature, language and culture.

International study in six countries is available, with summer, semester or year-long programs for academic credit. Campus connections with extracurricular and community engagement programs also help foster language proficiency and cultural understanding.

Students are encouraged to choose a minor in a related field or seek teaching certification.

Brazos Valley comes together this international day of giving

The Department of Global Studies at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill encourages students to develop a full understanding of the complex issues through a focus on language, economics, politics, and culture. Advanced study is offered at the MA and Ph. BA, MA and Ph. Study abroad programs are encouraged, with internships also available.

Spanish and Portuguese are offered up to the master's level only. Graduate students interested in studying the Japanese language by taking part in a language intensive program in Japan or in the U. Take your pick of foreign language majors at UIC.

Thanks to the Hejna Fund in Polish Language and Literature earmarked for research and international exchange and the Lithuanian Tuition Award a tuition waiver for all courses in the languagethe Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures may be the best funded.

Undergraduates interested in foreign languages can major in Spanish at Baruch College or they can devise an Arts and Sciences Ad Hoc Major, which allows the student to create a program of study in an area of interest. A student could devise an ad hoc major program that includes courses in French, Spanish or Italian; the ad hoc major must have at least 30 credits in relevant classes.

Students seeking the bachelor's degree in Spanish must complete at least 24 credits, including classes in language and linguistics, Latin American literature, peninsular literature, and culture and civilization.

Owing to Vassar's strong international focus, there are four foreign languages available as undergraduate majors: Chinese, French paired with Francophone StudiesItalian and Japanese. However, the actual list expands slightly thanks to related degrees in German Studies, Hispanic Studies, Jewish Studies and Russian Studies - all of which include language requirements.The Prize in Physiology or Medicine often honors those whose discoveries led to medical breakthroughs, new drug treatments, or a better understanding of the human body that benefit us all.

The Prize in Literature celebrates those skilled in telling stories, creating poetry, and translating the human experience into words. The Prizes in Chemistry and Physics remind most of us how little we understand of genetics, atomic structures, or the universe around us, celebrating the scientists who further knowledge. It applauds those who can unravel the mysteries of markets, trade, and money. So precious are the awards that the medals of German physicists Max von Laue and James Franck, stored away for safekeeping in Copenhagen during World War II, were dissolved in acid to keep them away from approaching Nazi troops.

After the war, the gold was reconstituted from the acid and recast into new medals. But Nobel history has not been entirely noble. In an act of irony and protest, members of the Swedish Parliament nominated Adolf Hitler. That nomination was withdrawn. Some recipients have ordered oppressive crackdowns on their own people or ignored genocides, either before or after receiving the Prize. But the same chemist helped develop the chlorine gas that was used as a chemical weapon in World War I.

You may also like: years of military history. Erik Axel Karlfeldt was the first Nobel winner to be awarded posthumously. The Swedish poet was alive during the nomination and deliberation process but died six months before the Literature Prize was announced. As ofthe rules were changed so that awards can only be given posthumously if the winner dies after the announcement but before the formal award is bestowed.

The chronicle of English life became a hugely popular miniseries in on American public television. Ivan Buninthe first Russian writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, departed Russia after the revolution and settled in France as a permanent exile. His books were banned by Soviet authorities due to his anti-Bolshevik writing. To accept his Nobel Prize in Stockholm, Bunin had to travel through Germany, where he was arrested by the Nazis and falsely accused of smuggling jewels. The Nazis forced him to drink a bottle of castor oil before letting him go.

George Whipple found dogs formed new blood cells by eating diets of liver, kidney, meat, and apricots, and George Minot and William Murphy applied those findings to humans with pernicious anemia. They also delved into the cause of pernicious anemia: a shortage of vitamin B The Peace Prize was awarded to Carl von Ossietzkya journalist and critic of Nazi Germany who was being held in a concentration camp.

Hitler would not allow him to accept the prize. He died in in a prison hospital.

world literature book college station jobs

The Norwegian royal family chose not to attend the Nobel ceremony following the controversial choice of German pacifist Carl von Ossietzky to win the Peace Prize. Critics said the prize decision would provoke Germany. The royal family offered no official explanation for skipping the ceremony, but it was widely believed that Norway wanted to distance itself from the prize selection. American physicist Clinton Davisson won the Nobel Prize partly by accident.

When he was testing the hypothetical relation between particle velocity and wavelength, he bombarded a nickel block with electrons and measured how they scattered. But when the nickel was baked at high heat after accidental contamination, the structure of its atoms changed, as did the patterns of the electrons, proving the hypothesis.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for was awarded to Richard Kuhn, a Austrian biochemist who researched vitamins and carotenoids. He was forced by Nazi authorities to turn down the prize, and forfeit the prize money, but he was awarded the medal and diploma following World War II. Like Richard Kuhn inhe was forced by the Nazis to decline the prize but was able to accept the certificate and medal in Norway was occupied by German forces, and Adolf Hitler was angry about the Peace Prize awarded to Carl von Ossietzkya journalist who disclosed that Germany had been secretly rearming, a violation of the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I.Displayed here are Job Ads that match your query.

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We will send you an email when there are new world literature faculty jobs. Fluency in Latin is required. The Rider University community is composed of faculty, staff…. Department of Radiology Faculty, Staff, and Students. Hours vary based on class schedule. The Education Department at Augsburg University invites applications for adjunct faculty positions to teach courses beginning January 11, Develops and leads research projects within the defined scope….

Return all graded assignments in a reasonable time frame…. Our culture of openness, freedom and belonging make it a special place for students, faculty and staff. Work with Institute staff on research questions and stay…. All faculty are to attend all faculty meetings and department meetings.

The average faculty writes letters. Weekly team meetings, didactic and case-based conference,…. Please add the correct salary information in the original job posting. Our system will detect the change, and the updated salary data will be reflected on our site within 24 hours. Use Facebook or Google to sign in or register with SimplyHired.

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world literature book college station jobs

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