Psych major requirements umich admissions jobs

The department offers opportunities for students to develop the necessary skills to succeed both in the classroom and in the work world. Attend one of our undergraduate events to connect with alumni, learn about graduate school options, or explore careers our majors have gone into.

psych major requirements umich admissions jobs

The department's faculty are well recognized for their contributions to the field. Not sure what you'd like to do after graduation? Our Internships section can also provide you with places to begin your search and help fund your internship. Our Registration and Grades website explains researved seats, first year seminars, waitlist procedures, and has helpful registration videos. Undergraduate courses in psychology give students an opportunity to learn what research has shown about how behavior is motivated; how we perceive, learn, and think; how individuals differ from one another; how the personality develops from infancy to maturity and is expressed by behavior; and how interpersonal factors affect human relationships in the home, on the job, and in the community.

All questions regarding neuroscience should be directed to the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience link below. All questions regarding Cognitive Science should be directed to the Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science link below.

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Submit Site Search Search. Donor Impact Department Newsletters. Stay Connected UM Resources. Undergraduate Doctoral. Transfer Undergraduate. Accelerated Master's Degree Program. Major in Psychology or BCN. Undergraduates [X] close. Curriculum Tips Meet with a staff or Peer Advisor every semester.

Plan early - don't wait until registration! Check the last page of your worksheet for details! Psychology Information. BCN Information.The curriculum in psychology is intended to enhance one's understanding of behavioral science and of oneself and others in terms of concepts developed by study. The undergraduate concentration program is not intended to prepare students for any specific vocational objective; to become a professional psychologist requires from two to four years or more of graduate study.

Curriculum Guides. Curriculum Guides are available for both Psychology and Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience concentrators. Clusters are groupings of courses both within the Department of Psychology and throughout other programs at the University of Michigan that focus on a more specific area related to psychology. Students are encouraged to refer to these clusters when making academic and career goals.

Prerequisites to Concentration. Before declaring a concentration in Psychology or Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science, students must complete:. The overall goal of the Psychology concentration is to provide students with a broad background in the various levels of analysis and methodological approaches used in the study of behavior, particularly human behavior, and to prepare students for graduate study in a number of fields. Students can gain research training, experience in a wide variety of community settings, and tailor course selections to meet their long-term post-graduate goals.

psych major requirements umich admissions jobs

A Psychology degree, in conjunction with courses chosen from other disciplines, can prepare students for careers interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds in a wide range of fields. Student double majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience may share a maximum of 3 courses toward their two programs. A minimum of 24 credits is required for the major. Of the 40 overall credits prerequisites and courses for the major24 must be completed directly through the University of Michigan's Department of Psychology at the Ann Arbor campus.

Of these 24 credits, 12 credits must be upper-division or above. Only one course from the breadth groups may be used toward the major.

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Program of study in a major. Concentration Program. A minimum of 24 credits is required for the concentration. Of the 40 overall credits prerequisites and concentration courses24 must be completed directly through the University of Michigan's Department of Psychology at the Ann Arbor campus. Only one course from the breadth groups may be used toward the concentration. Breadth Requirement: At least one course from each of the groups below. Only one course from each group may be used toward either the prerequisite or concentration credits.

PSYCH or PSYCH, or LSA offers more than 85 majors, sub-majors, and other degree programs, as well as more than minors. Majors and minors are facilitated by over 75 academic units and programs that span 41 departments. Use the list below to get more information on majors, minors, and the departments and programs that administer them. Curious about how your major might effect your career possibilities? Click the Website button in the program descriptions below; phone numbers can then be found in the footer of each department website.

Appointments will typically run up to 30 minutes. Archive copies of past LSA bulletins can be found here. Filtered by:. Submit Site Search Search.

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Undergraduate Graduate Transfer International. Why LSA? Engaged Learning In the College of LSA, because your education is about more than searching for answers in a textbook, we offer numerous programs that foster hands-on work, innovative thinking, and experiences that challenge and transform.

Undergraduate Graduate Transfer. College Connections College Connections provides a space for alumni and families to share their student experiences with recent LSA graduates and provide feedback on the current and future state of the College.

Major: Psychology (General Social Science)

College Connections. Staff Achievement Awards Program This is an annual opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate exceptional staff contributions to the success of the College. Information regarding eligibility, nomination, selection, notification, and winners can be found here. Academics Majors and Minors Majors and Minors. Academics [X] close. Majors and Minors. M HUM. M SOC. M NAT. M INT.We strive to support our students and faculty on the front lines of learning and research and to steward our planet, our community, our campus.

To do this, the Department of Psychology needs your support. Submit Site Search Search. Donor Impact Department Newsletters. Stay Connected UM Resources. Undergraduate Doctoral. Transfer Undergraduate. Accelerated Master's Degree Program.

Exploring the Mind Community Talk Series U-M Psychology offers a series of community talks, giving the public an inside look at emerging topics in the field. Twila Tardif Named Kenneth G. Lieberthal and Richard H. Learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Previous Slide Next Slide. Program Areas Quick Links. Clinical Science. Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Developmental Psychology. Gender and Feminist Psychology. Personality and Social Contexts. Social Psychology. Social Work and Psychology. Psychology SharePoint.

Faculty Books and Videos. Psychology Newsletters.

So, You Got Your Psychology Degree... Now What?

Show your Support We strive to support our students and faculty on the front lines of learning and research and to steward our planet, our community, our campus. Learn More Give Online. Advising Appt. Course Charts. Undergrad Events. Events Feb. Psychology Department Faculty Meeting. All Events.These have no prerequisites. One course must be completed from each of the following four level pillars:.

At least one course must be completed from each of the following three level groups:. Once you have entered the name and email for yourself and the Declaration of Major Contact, click "Begin Signing" at the bottom of the PowerForm. This will lead you to the actual Major form.

You will complete the required fields on the docusign form see sample form below. Continue reading for tips on how to complete this form for Psychology.

psych major requirements umich admissions jobs

Please choose the method that works best for you:. Skip to main content. Intro to Psychology, e. If a course is repeated, both grades are counted in the psychology GPA. The 34 credits must include the following components: A. BIOL fulfills this pillar requirement, but does not count toward the 34 hours required for the psychology major.

These courses lay the foundation for understanding scientific analysis and reporting, and are best completed as soon as possible preferably by fall semester of third-year. Students must also take one advanced research methods RM topic course at the,or level. At least two courses must be completed at level or higher. At least least one course must be at the level or higher.

Courses at the and levels are seminars that are generally reserved for third-year and fourth-year majors, but may be accessible earlier, on a space-available basis see notes below.

Please note: some Advanced Topics courses may have prerequisites. GPA of at least 2. Only PSYC classes can count. Up to 12 transfer credits may be counted toward the major. PSYC or must be taken before the 4th-year. Upper-level minimums 6 credits At least two courses must be completed at the level or higher, and at least one of them must be at the level or higher. They are generally restricted to 4th-year Psychology majors but see Notes below on exceptions. The offerings change frequently, so plan on being flexible when it comes time to fit one of these into your schedule.

Electives 7 credits These may include other courses at level or higher, including DMP thesis For those that are eligible for University Internship credit, the credits must be taken for "ungraded psychology credit" and not as "graded sociology credit" to count toward the major.

Credit cannot be given for paid research or work experience. On the Collab site, add yourself to the appropriate group for your expected graduation year.

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View this tutorial on how to add yourself to a group. Start by filling in any courses you have already completed. Begin the Docusign Form process by reading the following instructions: In the "Powerform Signer Information" section see sample image below you will enter your name and email, and then you will enter the Declaration of Major Contact for Psychology: Name: Lisa Ishler Email: psych-info virginia.

The forms will be routed to the Undergraduate Coordinator for Psychology for review.

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You will be contacted via email if anything else is needed. Sample Docusign Major Declaration Form. Then you are ready to declare Don't forget Then you will need to defer the majorEach school or college makes its admission decision based on their unique requirements, needs and priorities, and decisions are communicated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Business is a first-year direct admit unit, which makes offers to first-year students after they have applied to LSA and indicated an interest in Ross, and been admitted to LSA. First-year students can also apply to more than one U-M school or college at a time as dual-degree applicants, with certain limitations and guidelines.

This allows students to choose paths and majors that reflect their interests and individuality. The best approach is to think about your college aspirations and to explore the best fit for you.

Your high school counselor, teachers, family and others can help you reflect on your choices. You can also contact our admissions office or representatives in the schools or colleges for assistance. Many students don't, until they spend time at Michigan exploring the myriad options and resources available to them. Once you are a Michigan student, you will find plentiful academic advising support to help you shape and focus your academic goals. Depending on the school or college to which you are admitted, you will have time to commit to a major and, if you choose, a minor course of study.

For the latest updates, please visit. For the application cycle, we are modifying our admissions process and requirements. View App Changes. Utility Ask a question Request Information I am a First-Year Applicants. Visit Campus. Transfer Students.

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Common Questions What materials does U-M need in order to review a first-year application? What is Early Action and will it be reviewed differently than a Regular Decisio….

psych major requirements umich admissions jobs

How and where should I send my transcript? Actuarial Mathematics Sub-Major. Aerospace Engineering. College of Engineering.

Afroamerican and African Studies. American Culture. Applied Exercise Science. School of Kinesiology. Art and Design. Arts and Ideas in the Humanities. LSA Residential College. Asian Studies. Astronomy and Astrophysics. Biology, Health, and Society. Biomedical Engineering. Biomolecular Science.We do not offer Master's degrees. We do not offer online classes or distance learning courses.

You may visit their website here. No, we offer a Clinical Science Ph. Do you have a program in school psychology?

We do not offer a "School Psychology" program at the University of Michigan. Some of Michigan's state universities offer school or counseling programs see question below about "Are there other universities in Michigan No, we expect students to attend our program full time.

How long does it take to complete the program? Since everything is now on the web, we no longer print hard copies of application materials. If you click on a particular area, you can obtain a description of that program.

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We do not provide campus tours for prospective graduate students. Applicants who are admitted to our program or selected for interviews are invited to our Recruitment Weekend activities at the end of February.


Are there other universities in Michigan offering psychology graduate programs? Click on the school name to go to their website. We cannot speak for other schools, but we regard a broad undergraduate background in the natural, physical, and social sciences as the best preparation for graduate study in psychology. A laboratory course in Experimental Psychology or comparable research methods course and a course in statistical methods are strongly recommended.

Bona fide experience in the field or laboratory as a research assistant or an undergraduate project is always an asset. Participation in some sort of research in order to demonstrate a capacity for independent research work to which a faculty member can attest through letters of recommendation will greatly enhance your credentials, as would the publication of a research paper.

The Application Procedures and Program Requirements pages on the Psychology website are full of information that helps make applying smoother. The " Applying to UM-Ann Arbor " section of Rackham's Admissions website is rich with information about the documents needed, application process, waivers, etc. SAA umich. Refer to your current institution's Career Center, as they often have plenty of unused resources to assist students who are considering graduate school.

The Psychology Department does not have a career advisor for applicants or current graduate students. Faculty research areas and some publications are posted online on our website.

Do your homework on a faculty member to show you are genuinely interested before you contact them. December 1st is the annual deadline date for admission. This deadline applies to the receipt of the application and all supporting documents, including.


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